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HCA has a number of programs and activities that would benefit from the investment of your valued time.  Below are just a few of the opportunities for supporting the Helvetia area:

  • HISTORIC and cultural tour programs: Graphic design, editing, photography and tour guide assistance are always appreciated.
  • PROMOTION: Help us with press releases about our programs, books, history, heritage, conservation efforts and activities.  Write and distribute news items about various aspects of the Helvetia area.
  • PRESENTATIONS: Design, develop and give presentations to local schools and groups about various aspects of the Helvetia area: Helvetia's history, heritage, farming, events and other topics of interest.
  • FUNDRAISING: Develop ideas for fund raising activities and donor recognition.
  • CONSERVATION EASEMENTS: Participate in our Conservation Easement committee: attend regional seminars for land trust organizations, recruit skilled committee members, work with interested land owners who want to preserve and protect their valued farm lands and forest lands for generations to come.
  • HELVETIA CULTURE FEST and other activities.  Participate in planning and recruiting members to organize and manage the Helvetia Culture Fest and other events.
  • MERCHANDISE: Help sell our merchandise at events, contribute ideas about new items to sell, maintain inventory and sales information.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.

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